Best Hangover Prevention Pills For Las Vegas

Are you over 30 and have a hard time the day after having a few drinks?

  • If so, then you are not alone. Hangovers get worse with age. We all enjoy having a few glasses of wine, but nobody likes the next morning.
  • If you take our hangover prevention pills, you will have much less of a hangover the next morning.

How do they work?

  • They contain ingredients that help your body deal with the breakdown products of alcohol
  • These breakdown products are what cause hangovers

Why buy our supplements?

  • Dr. Burke is the only Hangover Doctor on the planet. His medical practice has treated over 20,000 hangovers and our supplements are based on what Dr. Burke has learned from these treatments
  • We use premium ingredients. Meriva and Siliphos are phospholipid bound versions that are much more expensive and effective

Our Supplements:

  • Our hangover prevention pills come in two sizes, a 3 capsule foil packet and a 42 count bottle
  • Take them before drinking
  • Dosing depends on how much you plan to drink and the severity of your hangovers
  • Questions?  Call us at 702-749-3300 to get more information


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