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Hangover Heaven IV Hydration is a medical practice whose sole mission is to help our clients lessen the debilitating symptoms of a hangover, or prevent them altogether. In addition to our proven IV treatments, we create hangover prevention pills that are packed with vitamins and nutrients. One of these effective ingredients, prickly pear extract, is a powerful nutrient that helps the body in a number of ways. To learn more about prickly pear extract below and prepare to be amazed by all it does! 

What is Prickly Pear Extract?

Prickly pear extract is a health elixir that is made from the prickly pear cactus. This variety of cactus, also called nopal and opuntia, is typically found in Mexico and the southwestern United States and is a staple in many Mexican and Mexican-American diets. Additionally, and perhaps ironically, prickly pear juice has become a popular addition to many alcoholic drinks! 

Along with it being a popular food item, prickly pear cactus is used from medicinal purposes by either eating the cactus, juicing it, or creating an extract from it.

What are the Health Benefits of Prickly Pear Extract?

Prickly pear cactus is used to treat type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, colitis, diarrhea, and benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), and to fight viral infections. This substance has also been proven to decrease blood sugar levels and increase energy levels after ingestion. 

Additionally, prickly pear is loaded with high levels of:

Is Prickly Pear Extract Safe for Hangovers?

One of prickly pear extract’s main uses is to lessen the effects of unpleasant hangover symptoms, like nausea and dry mouth, mostly due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s high in fiber, antioxidants, and carotenoids, and therefore, it works to enhance your immune system. 

Because prickly pear extract is great for treating and preventing hangovers, we include this ingredient in our hangover prevention pills. This product is designed to lessen the effects of a hangover by supplementing your body with the vitamins it would otherwise lose so you’ll be much less likely to suffer from any debilitating symptoms when you wake up after a night of drinking. Get your own hangover prevention supplements today!

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