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Hangover Heaven IV Hydration® is the first and only medical clinic in Las Vegas dedicated to curing hangovers. Developed by Dr. Jason Burke, Hangover Heaven IV Hydration® started its operations over 6 years ago to help locals and tourists tackle their hangovers and boost their energy and health. Hangover Heaven’s highly trained staff is dedicated to treating anyone in need of a hangover cure and will tailor your treatment to meet your individual needs.

At Hangover Heaven, we give the most complete IV hangover treatment in Las Vegas.

We use intravenous anti-nausea and anti-headache medications, along with IV antioxidants to cure your hangover — all from the comfort of your hotel room our at our clinic just off the Las Vegas Strip.

Hangover Heaven IV Hydration® Treatments

Hangovers produce severe vitamin and antioxidant deficiencies and if you are over 30 years old, they are even worse. All of us lead busy, fast-paced lives full of responsibilities and hangovers shouldn’t have to slow you down. To get you feeling back to normal as quickly as possible, our revolutionary hangover treatment can cure your hangover in less than 45 minutes. One of our highly-trained and attentive staff places a small, Pediatric IV in your arm to give you the necessary treatment to get you back to your normal self.

We are the experts in treating hangovers, so we only use the best ingredients. Our very safe and comfortable treatments center around B12 shots, IV B and C vitamin replacement, and IV hydration. We offer a Myers’ Cocktail, which is a combination of B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium. We also offer a high dose Vitamin C therapy, as well as glutathione replacement. No matter what your symptoms are, we can treat them so you can get back to 100%.

At Hangover Heaven IV Hydration®, a Nurse Practitioner, PA, or Doctor will physically come to your hotel room or performan a telemedicine consult to prescribe your treatment. Thus, we are able to give you any and all of the IV medications and IV hydration you require to get you back to your vacation faster. We can treat you at our clinic in Las Vegas, or send a team to your hotel room for a house call for a fee. And even if you are not in Las Vegas, we can ship you hangover prevention supplements that can reduce the likelihood of a hangover.

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If you are in Las Vegas and in need of a hangover cure fast or just want to boost your overall wellness, go with the experts. We can treat you on our bus, at our conveniently-located Las Vegas clinic, or even in your home or hotel room. Browse our website to find the perfect treatment for you and give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Our founder, Dr. Jason Burke, completed his training in Anesthesiology at Duke University, one of the best medical centers in the world. He has practiced anesthesia for over sixteen years and is highly regarded by his peers. Here is his philosophy on Hangovers:

“Should we have to lose an entire day of our vacation because we accidentally drank too much the night before? I say NO. I have had quite a few bad hangovers in my lifetime and I decided I wasn’t going to take it lying down (with a pounding headache) anymore. With my treatment protocol, I can take you from a semi-conscious, porcelain-hugging, hit-by-a-truck hangover to feeling like you’re ready to take on the world in less than 45 minutes. I think this is a major development in medicine and solves a significant problem for people that like to party and have a good time….especially here in Las Vegas.”

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