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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Las Vegas IV Treatments and Supplements

Per our Terms & Conditions, Hangover Heaven will ship your order supplement order within 48 hours of purchase. We generally ship via US Postal Service, though can ship UPS Air if you call and ask for expedited shipping.

Supplement purchases may be refunded if you are not satisfied with them.

The IV Treatments given in Las Vegas are non-refundable.   We do not ship the IV treatments, they must be delivered in Las Vegas by our staff, as we are not a pharmacy.

We offer the IV and IM treatments at our clinic, as well as via house call service.  IV hydration is as safe in your hotel room as at our clinic.   We send a fully trained team of medical professionals to take excellent care of you.

Our nutritional supplements, or hangover pills, are designed to prevent hangovers.  Take them 30 minutes prior to drinking preferably with food, as this helps them absorb better.  We are able to ship these worldwide generally.  Some countries do have issues with import of vitamins.  It might be necessary to specify them as a gift.

We are fully licensed and in compliance with all Nevada laws and regulations.  We use NPs, PAs, and doctors to deliver the Vegas IV’s either in person or via a telemedicine consult.

We do have options for tracking numbers if necessary.