The Ultimate Guide to Hangover Pills

The hangover pill section of Amazon has exploded in the […]

Hangover-Free Alcosynth Synthetic Alcohol: The end of IV Hangover Cures? | Hangover Heaven

Is This the end of IV Hangover Cures? Jason Burke, […]

Anatomy of a Hangover – What Your Body Needs to Feel Better

It’s More Than Just Dehydration Shortly after humans accidentally created […]

Beer Pong Rules Roundup & Survey Results

For many Americans no night out would be complete without […]

Las Vegas Medical Rules

Rules you need to know to give an IV in […]

How To Avoid A Hangover

Tips and tricks to avoid IV treatments in Las Vegas! […]

What’s Included In The IV Hydration Bag

IV Hydration Bags, what you need to know We have […]

Hangover Cures and Acid reducers

Are you on a stomach acid reducing medication and find […]

Dodging desert dehydration with iv therapy

Not surprisingly, Las Vegas was recently ranked as the most […]

Understanding the Chemistry of Hangovers

Too much fun with alcohol almost always leads to terrible discomfort the following day in the form of a “hangover.” With the nausea, weakness, headache and other pervasive hangover symptoms affecting you physically and mentally, it can be almost impossible to function

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