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There is more than one way to ruin your Vegas vacation. While a hangover can certainly put the brakes on your fun, different obstacles like colds and other illnesses, dehydration, and low energy levels can also prevent you from enjoying Las Vegas to the fullest. I’m often asked about “boosts” that can help provide energy and immune benefits. While there’s no magic bullet, I’ve found that a Myers cocktail is the next best thing.

This cocktail doesn’t come with an olive garnish or a paper umbrella. Rather, it’s an intravenous (IV) mixture of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. It was first used by Dr. John Myers, a Baltimore physician.

Simply put, the Myers cocktail is good for what ails you. Whether you’re exhausted from late nights, have caught a cold virus, or need to balance out your gut, this IV infusion can quickly get your Vegas trip back on track. You’ll have a clearer head, settled stomach and bowels, and be able to shake off colds and other illnesses.

What is the Myers Cocktail Recipe?

Vitamin C – Also called ascorbic acid, this vitamin is well-known for its ability to help prevent and fight infections.

B Complex Vitamins – These vitamins help convert nutrients to energy and fight fatigue and lethargy. B vitamins can also help with clearing a “fuzzy” head. Perfect after a night out in Las Vegas!

Other Micronutrients – We all need sufficient amounts of certain elements in our bodies. However, illness and daily life can drain these important micronutrients. One element in the Myers cocktail, magnesium, plays a particular role in reducing hangover-related and migraine headaches.

Amino Acids – Amino acids are the compounds that form proteins. However, some amino acids like taurine and glutathione have another crucial function – antioxidants. Everyone’s cells produce free radicals, neutral particles that acquire electrons by “stealing” from other atoms. This electron theft causes oxidative stress, and oxidative stress has been linked to normal aging as well as many disease processes, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Antioxidants – These can reduce or completely cancel oxidative stress. You can get antioxidants through a healthy diet, but we eat so much highly-processed food that most of us receive insufficient antioxidants. IV taurine, glutathione, and other antioxidants are an excellent answer to this problem.

Customized IV Hydration

At Hangover Heaven IV Hydration, we are happy to customize your Myers cocktail to your unique needs. If you’re fighting a cold or other infection, we’ll add more immune-boosting compounds. Have a bad headache? Then we’ll increase the magnesium to give you relief.

We are here to help make your trip to Las Vegas the best it can be. Make your next cocktail a Myers cocktail to feel energized and healthy.

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