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Hangover Heaven IV Hydration Treatment

Many of our competitors now offer a plain bag of saline as an affordable option for a baseline “hangover cure.” These typically start out at a cheaper price, but after multiple add-ons, can end up very expensive. While companies have been trying this tactic for year, we don’t offer this as an option at Hangover Heaven IV Hydration. We know it won’t help cure your hangover or even make a significant difference when you’re trying to feel better. It’s important for us to educate people on why saline solutions alone aren’t effective when trying to cure a hangover.

It’s More Than Dehydration

Yes, dehydration is a component of a hangover, but the anatomy of a hangover is much more complex. The actual medical research on hangovers indicates that inflammation and oxidative stress are what causes the headache, nausea and “fuzziness” that are associated with a hangover. We strive to cure all the symptoms of your hangover, so on top of saline treatments, our IV hangover cures also contain IV antioxidants, IV anti-inflammatories, and IV anti-nausea medication.

As the world’s first Hangover Specialist and a board-certified anesthesiologist, I developed the gold standard for a baseline IV Hangover Cure based on years of research and hands-on experience treating over 40,000 hangovers. This treatment, called the Salvation Hangover Cure, has everything you need to resolve a hangover and get back to your Vegas vacation fast. It includes two different anti-inflammatories, anti-nausea medicine, intravenous glutathione, intravenous taurine and IV fluids.

A Bag of Saline isn’t Enough

While we’re on the subject of IV fluids, we’ve noticed other companies have been increasing the amount of IV fluid, sometimes giving up to 2 liters. It takes a minimum of 90 minutes to give 2 liters of IV fluids safely. Your heart can only handle so much IV fluids at once before serious problems occur.

To ensure this doesn’t happen to our patients, we have decreased the amount of IV fluids in our Salvation Cure while increasing antioxidants and medications for a safer and more effective treatment. By only giving 750ml of fluids, we can complete your treatment in less than 45 minutes. If your hangover is of epic proportions, our flagship Rapture treatment or top shelf Eternity cure are available, which include even more vitamins and medicines to cure your hangover.

Salvation Hangover Treatment

Medical Experts You Can Trust

You don’t want to spend hours getting loads of IV fluids and a couple added B vitamins, or worse, spend lots of money to not feel better at all. Trust our staff of experienced medical professionals to administer a custom treatment to get you feeling better, faster. Contact Hangover Heaven IV Hydration today to learn more!

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