Las Vegas Hangover Bus


The Hangover Heaven Bus is a 45-foot rolling treatment clinic that is designed to provide first-class medical treatment while simultaneously offering resort-style comfort. The Hangover Heaven bus features a front lounge area, kitchenette, private consultation room, four private bunks, and a private rear lounge. Both lounge areas have a flat screen television and a Bose Surround Sound Stereo System, so it’s perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties and many other large groups! The bus has been featured on The Travel Channel and in publications like GQ magazine, USA Today and Der Spiegel, and has been recognized by influencers like 2 The Runway.

We have recently transitioned to treating more clients in the convenience of their hotel rooms, as it’s an optimal place to treat hangovers comfortably. We also offer treatments in our clinic and encourage you to book your service today!

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