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The Hangover Heaven IV Hydration® Clinic is conveniently located just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip on Highland Drive. We accept walk-in patients but recommend calling ahead to book your treatment.

If you need transportation to our clinic, we are only a short Uber or Lyft from the Las Vegas Strip!  We also offer in room treatments where we come to you for your IV hangover cure.

At Hangover Heaven IV Hydration®, we use intravenous anti-nausea and anti-headache medications, along with IV antioxidants to cure your hangover — all from the comfort of your hotel room our at our clinic just off the Las Vegas Strip.

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Be sure to stock up on our custom formulated hangover support supplements.  Dr. Burke recommends taking these with food prior to drinking to support your body during and after a big night on the town.

Dr. Burke is a Duke University trained anesthesiologist and has dedicated his career to curing hangovers.  Hangover Heaven IV Hydration® cures potentially vacation-wrecking hangovers with our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

Our hangover treatments involve a small, pediatric IV, but they are extremely effective.  We use numbing medicine on your skin so the whole process is virtually painless.

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