Dr. Jason Burke

Dr. Jason Burke is the founder of Hangover Heaven and the world's foremost Hangover Doctor! Read more about Dr. Burke.

Will Cannabis or CBD “Blunt” Your Hangover Symptoms?

Media stories about cannabis and CBD are everywhere these days. […]

Every IV is Not the Same

Many of our competitors now offer a plain bag of […]

Don’t Let Your Vegas Trip Become Poisoned

Las Vegas is justifiably renowned for its food. Literally any […]

Vitamins: How You Get Them is Important

PO vs. IM vs. IV: Which Route is Best? Vitamins […]

Activated Charcoal Pills for Hangovers: Benefit or Bunk?

There are as many hangover “cures” available as there are […]

Hangover Survey Analysis: Drinkers Tell All

At Hangover Heaven, we know just how easy it can […]

America’s Favorite Trendy Drinks of 2018

Enjoying a good drink at the end of a long […]

OTC Hangover Cures: Useful or Snake Oil?

Over The Counter Hangover Cures You’ve seen them in convenience […]

How Drinking Beer Can Deplete Your Minerals

Are you someone who drinks beer throughout the day, or […]

Alcohol Consumption by Country

Alcohol has been enjoyed by people for centuries, and is […]

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