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Hangover Heaven IV Hydration specializes in providing our clients with products and services designed to take the edge off or prevent severe hangovers. We’re dedicated to using only the best, highest-quality vitamins and nutrients available for our products. That’s why we added gotu kola into our hangover prevention pills.

Read on to find out how gotu kola can help you kick your hangover faster.

What is Gotu Kola?

Gotu Kola is a plant in the parsley family that has tons of benefits for your body and wellbeing. Also known as Indian pennywort and marsh penny, gotu kola comes from the wetlands of Southeastern Asian countries such as Indonesia. With a long history of being used in both medicinal treatments and holistic medicine, this herb can help treat varicose veins and support circulation thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, gotu kola can be used to help heal burns. It is also used to flavor many different dishes in Asian cuisine.

With that in mind, there are a few different ways to take gotu kola. It comes as a dietary supplement in powder, capsule, or tincture form.

What Health Benefits Can Gotu Kola Provide?

Gotu kola has been used for many different types of medicinal treatments as well as alternative therapeutic remedies, though it is mainly used to improve blood flow.

According to Healthline, gotu kola is known as “the herb of longevity”, and is able to boost not only brain power but other bodily functions as well. Gotu kola can help increase kidney and liver functionality, which can help the body detox from things like too much alcohol had on a night out. This herbal remedy aids in treating insomnia, too. Research shows gotu kola helps reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression, as well as joint pain and scarring from wound healing.

Does Gotu Kola Have Side Effects?

At lower doses, there are little to no side effects of taking gotu kola. However, at higher doses, there is an increased risk for side effects such as nausea, dizziness, or headaches. Titrating your dosage, or increasing your dose until you have worked up to a full dose, can help eliminate the appearance of side effects.

Additionally, whether taken orally or used as a topical treatment, gotu kola can only be used for two to eight weeks at a time because it can cause skin irritation after prolonged use.

Is Gotu Kola Safe For Hangover Relief?

This herbal remedy is regularly consumed as part of meals or as a medicinal therapy, so it is safe for hangovers. The addition of this herb to our hangover prevention pills helps to provide mental clarity and support your blood flow so your mind and body can find the balance quickly. Much like curcumin and prickly pear extract, gotu kola can help reduce toxins in the liver.

Our hangover prevention pills have everything you need to combat the debilitating effects of a hangover. They are designed to help your body fight off a hangover by supplementing your body with the vitamins and nutrients it would otherwise lose during a night of heavy drinking. You’ll wake up much less likely to suffer any hangover symptoms after a night of drinking. Get your own hangover prevention supplements here.

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