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Immunity IV Drip to Feel Better Fast

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Immunity Boost IV

Our Immunity Boost can support your immune system with high dose vitamin C, glutathione and B vitamins. IV Vitamin C can give you vitamin C levels higher than taking 100 tablets of oral Vitamin C.   These levels can support your immune system and help you during high-stress conditions.

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One of our most sought-after wellness treatments! An infusion of vitamins and nutrients designed to reduce the symptoms of a host of medical ailments. Once the cocktail is given, you’ll immediately feel energetic and have an enhanced immune response to fight off infection.

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B12 and B Complex Shots

Our B12 and B Complex Shots are quick and easy. B vitamins are naturally occurring, water-soluble and necessary for many essential bodily functions. We use methylcobalamin, the best version of vitamin B12, to ensure that our clients get the best quality treatment available.

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We treat you at our Las Vegas IV Hangover Clinic near Trump Tower. Our clinic is also a short Uber from the Las Vegas Strip.


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Visit YouIn-Room Treatment

Receive your hangover treatments in the comfort of your home or hotel room. A $100 in-room fee covers everyone who is present during the treatment.



We have used IV therapy to treat tens of thousands of tourists for hangovers in Las Vegas. Dr. Burke and his team are experts at IV hangover cures IV Vitamin therapy, and IV hydration. We have basic IV packages for mild, nuisance hangovers, and premium hangover cure packages for severe hangovers.

We can treat you at our Las Vegas IV Hangover Clinic near Trump Tower, or we can come to you and treat your hangover in your hotel room.  Our clinic is also a short Uber from the Las Vegas Strip.

We strongly encourage you to pre-book your appointment, as treatment slots for IV therapy can be limited on the weekends. Our typical intravenous hydration or hangover treatments take 35 to 40 minutes. Use our convenient online booking system to reserve your spot today!

Why Hangover Heaven?

Hangover Heaven IV Hydration is the first and only medical clinic in Las Vegas dedicated to curing hangovers. Our hangover treatments are proven to treat and cure hangovers fast so you can spend your day exploring Las Vegas instead of fighting hangover symptoms. The founder of Hangover Heaven, Dr. Jason Burke, is a board-certified anesthesiologist and is the first physician in the United States to formally dedicate his career to the study and treatment of hangovers.

Dr. Burke and his team of health professionals can treat patients wherever it is convenient for them, whether it’s in our conveniently-located Las Vegas clinic or in a home or hotel room. To see which treatment is right for you, browse our website and give us a call to schedule an appointment!

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