Our Hangover Heaven Bus

The Hangover Heaven Bus is a 45-foot rolling hangover treatment clinic that has been modified to provide first-class medical treatment while simultaneously offering resort-style comfort.  It was recently featured on The Travel Channel’s Mega RV Countdown 2014!

The Hangover Heaven Mobile Clinic

We can treat you with our hangover cure on the bus or in our clinic, which is open 7 days a week.  We also provide in-room treatments.  We treat mild to severe hangovers and even have treatments that do not involve an IV.  We have treated over 20,000 hangovers, as that is what we do – We Cure Hangovers.  Call us at (702) 749-3300 or book online.  Our phones are staffed 24/7.

Hangover Heaven Bus

Front Lounge

The bus can accommodate between 10-14 people at one time.  It is complete with front lounge area, kitchenette, private consultation room, four private bunks, and a private rear lounge.  Both lounge areas have a flat screen television and a Bose Surround Sound Stereo System.

Hangover Heaven Bus


Hangover Heaven Bus

Private Rear Lounge

Hangover Heaven Bus

Hangover Heaven Bus

When it isn’t reserved, the Hangover Heaven bus runs mainly on the weekends.  If you need treatment during the week or on weekends when the Hangover Heaven bus is reserved, we can treat you at our clinic behind Trump Tower.

If you are interested in being treated on the bus, please mention this when you place your order so we can check availability.

Our bus has been featured on numerous news segments throughout the world.  Click here to view our Today Show Clip, or here to see other articles.

If you are not in Las Vegas and need help preventing a hangover, you can buy some of our hangover prevention supplements online.

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