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Hangover Heaven IV Testimonials

Las Vegas Best Man Morning After – Hangover Heaven IV Testimonials on the Hangover Bus!

Las Vegas Big Weekend – Hangover Heaven Clinic Testimonials

UFC Prince Albert – Myers Cocktail – Hangover Heaven Testimonials

The testimonials above are real videos of real clients receiving IV therapy and hangover cures from Hangover Heaven right here in Las Vegas.   Some of these clients had rip-roaring hangovers and were good to go after receiving their treatments.   Especially the guy from Visalia.  He had a wedding to go to in about 90 minutes.   Thankfully, he was able to make his wedding and the day ended on a positive note.

Give us a call today at 702-749-3300 and schedule your appointment at our hangover clinic, or we can send a team to your hotel room and get your treated comfortably right in the comfort of your room.

We offer 3 different packages for our IV treatments that range from $159 to $259.   We can cure even the worst hangovers and get you back to your vacation quickly and efficiently.   We have certified staff that are experienced and friendly.  We always send a team of at least 2 people to get you or your group treated efficiently.  We know that your time is valuable while you are in Las Vegas.   If you are planning on a big group treatment, please contact us in advance so we can have enough staff to get you treated as quickly as possible.   We have had groups as large as 30!

If you have concerns about the needle, we do use small, pediatric size needles that are barely noticeable as they go in.  You can see in the testimonials that none of them had an issue with the IV.   Generally, anybody that comes to Hangover Heaven is in need of relief and the IV is a split second that one forgets pretty quickly.


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