Dr. Burke’s Salvation IV Hangover Cure


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  • Two bags of IV hydration fluid
  • IV Nausea Medicine
  • IV Headache Medicine
  • IV Vitamins and Antioxidants
  • Anti-heartburn medicine
  • House Calls Available
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  • Questions – Call 702-850-4297

  • Two bags of IV hydration fluid
  • IV Nausea Medicine
  • IV Headache Medicine
  • IV Vitamins and Antioxidants
  • Anti-heartburn medicine
  • House Calls Available

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Questions? Call: 1-702-850-4297

Do you have a major hangover with nausea, headache, dizziness, and that “curl up and die feeling?” If so, you should consider this hangover cure. It is our most popular IV Hangover treatment. Approximately 50% of our clients choose this package. It takes about 35 to 40 minutes to complete.

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If you wish to be treated at your hotel room, you must also purchase an “In Room Hangover Treatment.”

If you have questions, please call us at 702-850-4297

If you only purchase the Salvation IV Hydration Treatment, you will be treated at our convenient clinic near the Las Vegas Strip.

5 reviews for Dr. Burke’s Salvation IV Hangover Cure

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael E.

    Loved this place. It was the ABSOLUTE LIFE SAVER. Do not go to Las Vegas without visiting.. It is a MUST. I walked in the door completely miserable from the night before (people, I am talking about a hang-over that put me at death’s door), and I walked out feeling like a million dollars. And the doctors/ nurses there made everything comfortable and fun. Go with a group. Because we all sat in chairs together while watching The Hang-Over. SO MUCH FUN.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff M.

    On my recent trip to Vegas, I did some day drinking by the pool. I had way too much, and I wasn’t drinking water or eating food. I stumbled up to my room and passed out only to be puking and tossing and turning the entire night. In the morning, I was still curled up in a ball and spitting up. I thought I was dying. Finally, my fiance convinced me to call up Hangover Heaven, which we heard from a plug from TMZ. Within minutes, the shuttle came right to my hotel. All I had to do was stumble down to the valet area. They picked me up and took me to their clinic which was less than 5 minutes away. They were super nice and helpful. When I got there I just filled out a form about my weight, height, etc and how I was feeling. They recommended a package which i took. In minutes I was resting comfortably in a chair with a blanket. They had 3 really friendly nurses assisting me. They gave me water and then an iv. I’m deathly scared of needless, but it was painless. Within minutes of the iv drip, i was feeling better. I was there for about an hour and that was based on the package i had, so I had two bags of fluids. Afterwards I felt much better. They took me back to my hotel right when I was done, so no waiting around. I took a little nap and I was back feeling like new. The service they provide was super, and they are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely do it again…but then again, I really hope I don’t have too.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marisa M.

    This place is AMAZING!!! Best thing in Vegas by far! I am notorious for my epic hangovers that leave me incapacitated and dry heaving until 5 pm the next day… so naturally when I went to Vegas this past weekend (8/16-8/18) for my bachelorette party, I’m anticipating losing a whole day due to a hangover. Sure enough, after a night of table service at Marquee, I wake up at 8am with a splitting headache and puking up Secret Pizza (tastes great going down… not so much coming back up) from the night before.
    I had heard about Hangover Heaven and read a few articles so was game to try anything that might get me back to my weekend and alleviate the hangover hell I was currently in. My friend called them up and they sent a car right over to Cosmo within 10 minutes to pick us up. The clinic was nice and clean… and as soon as the staff saw the shape I was in, they quickly had me signing a consent for treatment and into a recliner chair. After a quick medical hx and vital signs, Dr. Burke came over and explained what was going to happen. After the shot of lidocaine, I didn’t even feel him place the IV and soon I had a bag of saline hooked up along with a push of pain meds and anti-emetics. Within 20 minutes… my symptoms had started to subside and Dr. Burke and his staff continued to check up on me. When I reported still feeling some nausea about 30 minutes in, they gave me another round of anti-emetics and it did the job. All in all, I received 1 1/2 bags of saline, a banana bag (rehydration/vitamin mix that is yellow), a push of pain meds, two pushes of anti-emetics, and anti-oxidant over the course of one hour. He also threw in a b-complex shot because of the construction that was going on during my treatment.
    I staggered in to Dr. Burke’s clinic vomiting and barely functional, unable to even fully verbalize the English language… by the end of the treatment, I was laughing and talking with my friend and thinking about what to eat for breakfast. Dr. Burke is friendly and extremely capable, as is his staff. They communicated everything they were doing, as they were doing it, and explained what each medication was for before administering it. I felt very comfortable in his care and wouldn’t think twice about coming here again if need be. Thanks to him, I could actually enjoy the remainder of my weekend. His services are worth every penny! Thank you for such excellent care!!!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve G.

    Went to have hangover treatment done today. Great staff! The Dr is super nice and easy to talk to. Most importantly my hangover was gone in an hour.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Blaine E.

    Got to say I came in as a bit of a sceptic. An easy cure for something fundamental like a hangover seems unrealistic. However the process does make you feel feel better…here’s how I would quantify it. Say you went out in Vegas, drank, got 4 hours of sleep. After the hangover heaven treatment it feels like a nearly a full nights sleep. Nausea will go away, you’ll still feel tired but you’ll feel rested & hydrated.

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