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Granted 501 c3 exempt status and deemed a public charity by the IRS, the Hangover Research Institute (HRI) is the first research institution dedicated to the study and treatment of veisalgia.  Hangovers have plagued mankind for more than 2500 years.  Galen and Hippocrates, both Greek philosophers and physicians, discuss the symptoms of hangovers in their writings.  As the physician who has treated more hangovers than any other doctor in the world, Dr. Burke knows the Hangover Heaven Research Institute is medically necessary and long overdue as a scientific facility dedicated to the study and treatment of veisalgia.  

“Historically, I feel that we as physicians have done a pretty poor job of dealing with veisalgia. We can treat and cure other maladies associated with overindulgence, but we have no better solution for a hangover – an acute medical condition – than Advil and water? With hangovers annually costing the US $148 billion and a whole bunch of pain and suffering, I felt it was time someone came up with a cure,” states Dr. Burke.

The HRI has embarked upon a number of research objectives that include:

1.  Ending the modern day hangover

2. Encouraging healthy choices during alcohol consumption

3. Assisting the public in identifying and avoiding untrained and unlicensed personnel attempting to operate in the medical treatment space for veisalgia

4.  Educating the public about unhealthy and ineffective folk-remedies for hangovers

5.  Investigating inflammation caused by acetaldehyde during veisalgia 

Dr. Burke is very encouraged by the initial data collected from the Hangover Heaven clinic. Hangover Heaven has cured over 20,000 hangovers and has provided a great deal of data to HRI.  Dr. Burke looks forward to further advancing hangover research through Hangover Heaven and the Hangover Research Institute. 

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