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Dr. Cohen brings a wealth of business experience and know-how to Hangover Heaven and the Vita Heaven family of companies. He has spent over 19 years in the bio-medical space and has worked both internally and as a consultant for all sizes of companies from start-ups to multi-billion dollar publicly traded organizations. It is this background that makes him the ideal leader to guide Hangover Heaven/Vita Heaven and create the successful business model that is efficacious, scalable, profitable, and transferable to other global locales where the treatment of veisalgia represents an unmet medical need.

Dr. Cohen’s experience includes extensive work with companies in the biotechnology, life sciences, and diagnostics sectors where he has played a vital role in bringing products to market that range from RNA amplification and bio-threat detection to in-vitro diagnostic devices used in the detection of various disease states. He excelled in the area of late-stage product development and the transfer of products to Manufacturing in preparation for Clinical Trials or commercialization. He has also been instrumental in the evaluation and optimization of manufacturing processes and systems with an emphasis on the identification of process bottlenecks and the pursuit of operational excellence.
Prior to joining Hangover Heaven, Dr. Cohen served as the president and co-founder of Coeus Consulting which specializes in the development and implementation of SAP and SuccessFactors software and methodologies for mid-size and large enterprise companies.
Earlier in his career, he acted as a consultant in the areas of Product Transfer, Manufacturing Operations, and Quality Systems. A few of the companies with which Dr.
Cohen has worked include Genentech Inc, Celera Diagnostics and Cepheid Inc.
Dr. Cohen holds a B.S. in Biology from Savannah State University and a Ph.D. in Biological
Sciences from Dartmouth College. He also held a post-doctoral fellowship at the Duke University School of Medicine.


 Operations

 Process Development and Process Optimization

 Product Transfer and commercialization processes

 Manufacturing scale-up and process improvement

 Technology Transfer to contract manufacturers

 Quality Systems

 Production and Process Control

 Process Validation

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