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The Las Vegas IV industry has grown considerably in the last six years, yet many people are unaware of the rules surrounding administering an intravenous (IV) infusion in Las Vegas. 

For your reference, the regulations can be found at this site:

I’ll review the regulatory requirements for giving IV hydration treatment or doing a house call for IV hydration below.  

Personnel Required in the Las Vegas IV Industry

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One key requirement of Las Vegas Medical Rules is that a Prescribing Provider (P2) which is a nurse practitioner (NP), physician, or physician assistant (PA) must be physically involved in the process of handling and administering the medications.

A P2 must go to every house call where new patients receive medications.   Also, a P2 must be at any clinic where new patients are receiving medications.

A P2 has a DEA license, which allows them to possess prescription medications.  A registered nurse (RN) cannot possess prescription medications without a valid prescription for a specific patient.  Therefore, an RN or medical assistant cannot keep a duffel bag of saline and Zofran at their house. 

According to Las Vegas Medical Rules, it is illegal for an RN and medical assistant to administer an IV hydration treatment on their own.   It is a Class D felony punishable by up to five years in jail, and the various people involved could lose their nursing or medical license. This practice constitutes practicing medicine without a license.

Current Violations of Local Clinics 

Currently, numerous clinics in Las Vegas, their staff, and owners are under active investigation for sending out RNs and paramedics to treat patients with IV fluids, IV vitamins, IV medications, Botox, and other prescription medications. These patients have not been seen by a “P2 – Prescribing Provider.”

The authorities investigating these clinics include: 

  1. Nevada Medical Board
  2. Nevada Board of Nursing
  3. Nevada Board of Pharmacy
  4.   Nevada Attorney General

“Conspiracy to Practice Medicine without a license” is also a felony and loops in everybody at a medical clinic that is involved in supporting the illegal activity.

In any medical clinic, every patient who receives a prescription for medication must have a face-to-face or bona fide telemedicine (audio/video) consult with a P2.  Again, failure to meet this standard constitutes practicing medicine without a license, a felony.

Paramedics and House Calls

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Under Las Vegas Medical Rules, a paramedic is only able to practice their scope of practice while “on duty” for a licensed ambulance unit.  Once they are off duty, they function as a medical assistant and must be directly (eyes-on) supervised by the physician or PA.

Currently, the only permissible model for doing IV hydration medical house calls is for a P2 to go on the house call with the RN or medical assistant. In other words, a registered nurse or medical assistant can assist in hotel room IV house calls, but they must be accompanied and supervised by a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant.

We Follow the Rules

Many wellness and aesthetic clinics in Las Vegas have already received a warning and investigatory letters from various regulatory boards. Unfortunately, some of these clinics continue to operate illegally and will likely be met with more severe penalties.

At Hangover Heaven IV HydrationTM, we adhere to all Las Vegas city, county, state, and federal rules. Of course, we do this to stay on the right side of the law but also because the health and safety of all our clients are important to us. Medical regulations exist to protect patients, so we make sure that we are always in compliance.

When you contact us, you can rest assured that you’re receiving professional and component IV hydration. 

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