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Hangover Heaven IV Hydration is proud to give our clients services and products that lessen or prevent severe hangover symptoms. Our team is dedicated to using the highest-quality vitamins and nutrients available to create our fast-acting products. One of those nutrients, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), is a naturally-occurring nutrient that is highly beneficial for our bodies.

If you’d like to learn more about NAC and all of its benefits, keep reading!

What is NAC?

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a form of cysteine, a semi-essential amino acid that is naturally-occurring in the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that help protect the body against damage. NAC is considered semi-essential because your body can produce it from other amino acids, such as methionine, and serine, and supplementation isn’t entirely necessary. It becomes essential only when the dietary intake of methionine and serine is low.

NAC is most commonly found in high-protein foods such as chicken, turkey, yogurt, cheese, eggs, sunflower seeds, and legumes.

What are the Health Benefits of NAC?

Having NAC in your diet and in medicine is important for a variety of health reasons. It is heavily used for treating acetaminophen poisoning. These amino acids also help to treat chronic respiratory conditions, boost fertility, and improve brain health. NAC also helps to replenish glutathione, a powerful amino acid that the body needs to function at a cellular level.

Additionally, NAC has been linked to:

What Does NAC Do for Hangovers?

NAC heavily contributes to normal liver, kidney, and brain function, it is extremely safe to use during hangover treatments. When combined with other essentials nutrients, like choline and milk thistle, it’s even more effective at preventing or curing hangovers.

Try Our Hangover Prevention Pills

Our hangover prevention pills are packed with nutrients, like NAC, and are designed to lessen the effects of a hangover by supplementing your body with the vitamins it would otherwise lose so you’ll be much less likely to suffer from any debilitating symptoms when you wake up after a night of drinking. Get your own hangover prevention supplements today!

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