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I frequently see clients in Hangover Heaven who are here for a 4 or 5 day trip and they are completely burned out on day 3 or 4 because they went to hard the first night or two. There is quite a bit of anticipation for a trip to Las Vegas and many people start drinking on the plane here and then drink all day and night once they arrive. Sometimes they can power through that hangover, but the hangover the next day can be a real show-stopper. Here is how to avoid a Vegas burn-out:

1. Take a good multi-vitamin (twice a day) and eat a good diet before coming to Vegas to get your vitamin and antioxidant stores up.

They are only going to go down once you get here. Vitamins and antioxidants are critically necessary to process alcohol and the breakdown products of alcohol out of your system. If you are low on these, those byproducts are going to build up in your system and drag you down.

2. Try to go to bed before 4 am, especially the first night you are here. I consistently see people who have partied to 7 or 8am the first night here. My clinic is right across from the Spearmint Rhino, the most popular Men’s Club in Vegas, and I am constantly amazed at how many people are still there at 8am in the morning. But, if you get a crummy night’s sleep the first night, you are already behind the eight ball and you are constantly playing catch-up. Save the all nighter for the last night or second to last night. You can catch up on your sleep when you get back home.

3. Stick to higher end clear alcohol (gin and vodka) and try to keep the energy drinks to a maximum of 4 in a night. Yes, Red Bull and Vodka is great, but if you drink 10 of them in a night, you are going to have a worse hangover (more dehydration) and not sleep well (too much caffeine.)

4. Eat, and eat something decent. A lot of people survive on sliders and fries while they are here, or cold room service from the night before. Sometimes people who have been drinking a lot do not have much of an appetite. But, your body needs energy. Alcohol is basically carbs and people generally crash if all they are taking in are simple sugars (carbs.)

5. Take an afternoon nap. Here is a good day in Vegas……Party until 4am. Sleep until 10. Call up Hangover Heaven for a quick rescue before breakfast. Hit the Ferrari Driving Experience or one of the machine gun ranges in the afternoon. Grab lunch/dinner at 4, take a nap until 6 or 7. Then head out for a great steak and a good time on the Strip. Your body needs sleep and will thank you for it. If you have too much fun, don’t worry, because our Hangover Heaven IV Hangover Cures can get you back on track!

6. If you have really overdone it, stop by Hangover Heaven and we will get you back on track with IV hydration and vitamin therapy. Or, if you are not in Las Vegas, you can purchase the Hangover Support Supplements by Hangover Heaven. They are custom formulated by Dr. Burke. When taken before drinking, they significantly reduce the likelihood of a hangover.

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