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What’s the best way to deal with a hangover?

IV treatment from my team at Hangover Heaven IV HydrationTM is the most effective cure, but to prevent a hangover in the first place during your Las Vegas experience, you might need some tips. Take a look at the practical recommendations and expert advice below to avoid a hangover while you’re in Sin City.

Drink Sensibly

two women order drinks at the bar

While there’s no set rule to determine how many drinks can cause a hangover, men usually can stomach around 5 to 7 cocktails over a period of 4 to 6 hours and women can take up to 3 to 5 drinks, but people react differently to alcohol. Factors that can affect your propensity for a hangover include:

Eat Sensibly

Food helps metabolize alcohol. This is not because of the commonly held belief that carbs “soak” up the alcohol. Rather, when you have eaten well, the stomach’s pyloric sphincter closes tightly, leaving the alcohol metabolizing enzyme  – alcohol dehydrogenase – in the stomach for a longer time rather than quickly passing through the small intestine.

Meals that include red meat are particularly helpful because this food is high in amino acids and B vitamins, nutrients that help you metabolize alcohol quickly.

Hangover Pills

Sadly, hangovers are complicated conditions, but my specially formulated hangover prevention pills, Nightlife Prep, can help. These supplements help prevent a hangover by helping the body process alcohol and reducing inflammation. Antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories help you get rid of the overall misery of a hangover, but supplements along don’t do the job.

Take them before drinking so that you wake up guilt-free in the morning.

Go Easy on the Water

It’s certainly important to always stay hydrated, especially when drinking alcohol. However, you can’t dilute the alcohol in your system by drinking gallons of water at the end of the night. Instead, put too much stress on your body and end up having to frequent the bathroom while attempting to rest.

All of this is sure to mess up your sleep, leaving you tired and groggy in the morning. Drink a glass or two of water, and leave another on the table to drink if you feel thirsty during the night.

Forget the Morning Drink

man hungover drinking hair of the dog

One of the worst ways to try to prevent a hangover is through “hair of the dog.” It’s so common though, but let’s face it. Having another drink when you’re hungover will not help.

So, forgo that morning mimosa, screwdriver, or bloody Mary, and contact us at Hangover Heaven IV Hydration in Las Vegas instead for professional and safe IV treatments.

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