Hangover Survey Analysis

At Hangover Heaven, we know just how easy it can be to over-indulge in alcohol. And whether you’re vacationing in the Bahamas, celebrating a bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas, or spending a Saturday night on the town, it’s no secret that over-drinking can come back to bite you the next day. This is especially true if you’re not familiar with the hangover cures we offer.

In developing a cure for the infamous next-day consequence of over-drinking, it’s safe to say we’ve become experts on all things pertaining to hangover treatment. We know the ins and outs of hangover support supplements, prevention pills, and IV hydration. There are, however, other questions surrounding over-drinking and hangovers that have gone unanswered. Like what do people most regret doing while drunk? Which holidays really involve the most drinking? And what are the most popular hangover foods?

We were also curious about heavier subjects like how hangovers affect work habits and whether hangovers actually get worse with age. To answer all of these questions, and to bring you everything you could ever want to know about hangovers, we decided to create and run a survey. We asked 600 people questions relating to hangovers and drinking in general, and we must say, our findings might surprise you.

Percent of respondents that have done something they regretted while drunk

When it comes to over drinking, it’s safe to say a bad hangover is usually the worst consequence. That being said, we can all agree that drunken mistakes are a close second. But which drunken mistakes are the most common, you ask?

Well, 33% of respondents said they’ve made the mistake of vomiting somewhere, on someone, or something while drunk. So, in terms of the most frequent drunken mistakes, vomiting takes the cake. In addition to vomiting, having a one night stand, making a random purchase, texting an ex, losing something important, getting lost, and committing a crime also make the short list of drunken mistakes.

The holidays where people drink the most

But which holidays entail the most drinking?

Well, it’s not too much of a surprise that 41% of respondents said they drink the most on New Year’s Eve. After all, who doesn’t like to ring in the New Year with a drink in hand? In addition to New Year’s Eve, Christmas and the Fourth of July are also major alcoholidays.

Top meal choices while hungover

Have you ever thought about which hangover foods are the biggest crowd pleasers? Like if your friends crash at your place after a night of drinking, would you know which foods to stock up on beforehand?

If you’re unsure, picking up a box of pancake mix, a pack of bacon, and a carton of eggs might be a good idea, as 31% of respondents said breakfast was their top meal choice while hungover. But if you’re friends aren’t really into breakfast food, pizza, burgers, or Mexican food are popular alternatives.

Age at which people noticed their hangovers getting worse

Have you ever heard that hangover symptoms get worse with age? Well, we found that, more often than not, the opposite is true. The greatest portion of respondents, 29% to be exact, said they experienced their worst hangovers between the age of 21 and 25. 22% said they had their worst hangovers between the ages of 26 and 30.

It is also worth noting that 28% of respondents expressed that they haven’t noticed their hangovers getting worse. So, if you haven’t felt much of a change in your hangover symptoms over the years, you’re in good company.

How hangover frequency and attitudes change with age

Our findings suggest that, for many people, hangover symptoms don’t change with age – but the frequency of and attitudes towards hangovers do. In fact, they improve.

41% of respondents said they got hungover at least half the time when they first started drinking as compared to only 27% who say they get hungover at least half the time now. As for shifts in attitude towards drinking, 47% of respondents say they have changed their drinking habits over time due to hangover severity.

How hangovers affect work habits

Have you ever done the walk of shame? No, not that one…the other one. You know, the hungover walk into the office. If you answered yes, then you’re not alone. A whopping 61% of respondents admit to having been hungover at work before.

But if you’ve ever experienced a really bad hangover on a weekday, you know that going into work isn’t always an option. In rare cases like these, it’s best to call in sick, at least that’s what 2 out of every 5 respondents said. Emailing in sick is another solid option. 35% of respondents said they’ve done this before.


How do your hangover habits and experiences line up with those of your fellow drinkers? Did your preferred hangover food, biggest drunken mistake, or favorite alcoholiday make our shortlist? Has aging affected your hangover symptoms and attitude towards drinking? Have you ever gone to work hungover?

Feel free to share in the comments.



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