I was recently featured on Mashable for a story on (guess what?) – Hangover Prevention Tips. Mashable.com is a great website. Lots of great information in a concise, well-written format. They have a nice balance of real news and “feel good” stories. I have had a couple people ask me if I really recommend some of the information in the story. Yes, it is true, I do go for bacon and regular Coca-Cola when I have a hangover, which is pretty rare these days. I still drink alcohol, but I usually take our hangover support supplements before I start drinking. Check Mashable out for the actual article.

Getting back to the point, there is something in Coca-Cola that Pepsi does not have. I think it is the use of coca leaves that gives Coke its benefits via the antioxidants in the coca leaves. Caffeine is also good for hangovers, as it helps with the headache. Many migraine sufferers take caffeine for their migraines. For severe migraines, some patients even get intravenous migraines.

Though, I do recommend trying to prevent a hangover, rather than trying to treat it after the fact. Hangover prevention is a much better idea than to deal with it the morning after. This big issue is preventing inflammation. Here are a few hangover tips:

1. Taking a multivitamin (or two) before you go to sleep will get the necessary vitamins into your system to help your body get rid of the nasty substances that wreak havoc on your body while you are asleep. These nasty substances cause inflammation and oxidative stress. You don’t want either of those.

2. Try to eat something before you go to sleep. This will keep you up a bit longer, which means you metabolize more of the alcohol and its breakdown products because your metabolism is higher when you are awake.

3. Take a dose of ibuprofen, Aleve, Advil, or similar. Avoid Tylenol (acetominophen) as it stresses your hhtest3281r. Ibuprofen/Advil/Aleve are anti-inflammatories which will help you feel better in the morning and they do not stress your hhtest3281r. It is much better to take the medicine before you go to sleep.

I know it is hard to do anything other than head straight for the bed when you get home after a long night of drinking. But, if you can do at least two of the above ideas for preventing hangovers, you will be much happier in the morning.

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