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Not surprisingly, Las Vegas was recently ranked as the most fun city in the United States. There are a multitude of things to do here – great shows, gaming, bars, clubs and restaurants. Unfortunately, there are also many ways to ruin your Vegas vacation. You could miss your flight, lose big at the tables, get a terrible hangover, or maybe even marry the wrong person on the spur of the moment. A little common sense and a modicum of willpower will keep you from most of these pitfalls. Though one hazard you might not be on guard for is dehydration, which is a significant cause of hangovers.

The Frying Pan

Las Vegas is literally a desert. The climate here is hot and dry. In fact, the average high temperature on a summer’s day is 100 degrees F. Those from colder locations are often not prepared for the intense heat and don’t realize just how fast they can become dehydrated. Even if you’re from a warmer area, like the Southeast, Vegas’ dry heat can quickly sap your body’s water. The humidity here hardly ever climbs above 25 percent in the summer, so you’re not only losing water from sweat, but also simply from breathing. If you become dehydrated while here in Las Vegas, try one of our IV hangover cures to get your body in tip-top shape!

The Booze

Vegas and a good drink go hand in hand. This city offers some of the best bars, cocktails, wines, and restaurants on the continent, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks. Yet, even moderate alcohol consumption contributes to dehydration. Alcohol suppresses your body’s antidiuretic hormone, which – you guessed it – leads to peeing more. Combined with the heat, even a couple of drinks can quickly lead to dehydration. It does not take that much alcohol to become dehydrated here and end up hungover. This becomes even more of an issue as one gets past 30 years of age, as it takes longer for the body to regain electrolyte balance….sometimes as long as 48 hours!

The Illness

You take precautions to avoid getting sick, especially before a trip or vacation. You eat right, take your vitamins, avoid sick family and friends, wash and sanitize your hands frequently – you get sick anyway. It happens and there is no guaranteed way to prevent it. But besides the pain and frustration, being ill with the flu, a stomach bug, or food poisoning can also lead to dehydration. Vomiting and diarrhea rapidly depletes your body’s water reserves, and dehydration often causes nausea and vomiting. It’s a vicious cycle. Some of our most severe patients at Hangover Heaven are those who have a hangover and food poisoning, or a hangover and an upper respiratory infection.

The Cure

So what do you do when you’re stuck in your hotel room, feeling awful because you’re sick and/or dehydrated? Drink some water or Gatorade and pop a few ibuprofen? That might help some if your problem is only dehydration from the heat, but you’re likely to still be out of commission for at least a day. Of course, if you’re sick or hungover in addition to being dehydrated, then you probably have even more symptoms than just a headache and some light nausea. When you’re dehydrated, what you need is medical attention.

You could go to an ER, but that could easily take hours. Emergency rooms aren’t first come, first served either. Patients with more severe or life threatening problems will be seen before you, no matter how long you’ve been waiting. If you’re suffering from mild dehydration and the symptoms that accompany it, your best bet is an IV hangover cure.

Our medical professionals can handle most common complaints. They’ll provide you with IV fluids, medication, and advice to get you feeling better fast. Best of all, we have an associated Urgent Care,Vita Heaven Urgent Care, that will even make house calls to your hotel room. Their treatment time is based on minutes, not hours like at the ER, so you can get back to enjoying your time in Vegas faster. At Hangover Heaven, we are experts at IV therapy and will get you feeling better quickly.

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