My Big Fat Hangover Breakfast

Written by on July 20, 2012

So, many traditional “Home Hangover Cures” center around fatty meals loaded with saturated fats. Fatty meals might help to prevent hangovers if eaten while drinking, as the fat slows alcohol absorption. But, after the hangover is already set up, a fat-laden meal is not the best thing for your body. When the body breaks down alcohol, it stresses the body and uses up anti-oxidants. Saturated fats also cause stress on the body and use up anti-oxidants. While a high fat meal might make you feel better for the short term, it probably is going to contribute to you feeling more sluggish and foggyMonday morning. What might be the one thing that helps with that meal are the eggs. Eggs are rich in an amino acid called cysteine. Cysteine helps with the metabolism of acetylaldehyde, which is one of the break down products of alcohol that makes you feel crummy the next day.

To make the next day as hangover-free as possible, I would recommend the following hangover breakfast:

Try to eat a decent meal before you start drinking.
If you are in Las Vegas and drinking for a long period of time, try to eat something after 4 or 5 hours of drinking. I know food on the Strip is expensive, but you will thank yourself the next day.
Try to limit the energy drinks to two per day. Drink some water after every two or three drinks.
Stick to high-end Vodka and Gin if you really are going to tie one on that night. Clear alcohol generally produces less of a hangover than darker alcohols.
Eat an Omelette with spinach, tomatoes, and other anti-oxidant containing vegetables for breakfast. Try some fresh berries if they are available.
Skip the “Greasy Spoon” if possible. You will likely feel worse later that day or the next.
Enjoy your vacation!

About Dr. Jason Burke

Dr. Jason Burke is the founder of Hangover Heaven and the world's foremost Hangover Doctor! Dr. Burke had the idea for Hangover Heaven after recognizing that certain IV treatments administered in the recovery room could also be used to treat hangovers. When he's not four wheeling in his Jeep or hiking with his kids, he's educating others about hangover cures. Read more about Dr. Jason Burke.

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