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Hangovers and the Electric Daisy Carnival


on June 07, 2012

The Electric Daisy Carnival is coming to Las Vegas this weekend and Hangover Heaven is ready. Temperatures are going to be over 100 degrees and hangovers are going to be more prevalent than ever here in Las Vegas. Hangovers are made worse by anything that dehydrates a person, which includes many different activities associated with the EDC. We will have both our clinic and bus open this coming weekend to accommodate demand. We have a number of reservations already, so please call ahead to reserve your spot so you can get back to your vacation

Keep in mind that you need to stay hydrated while you are having a good time at EDC. People have had issues with high body temperatures from dancing and other activities at events like the EDC. If you start to feel fuzzy, have severe headaches, or feel faint, you should try to drink some water and think about calling for help. Be careful when mixing recreational substances and lots of energy drinks. Energy drinks dehydrate a person and can elevate body temperature. One ot two energy drinks a day is fine, but I have seen people drinking 8 to 10 energy drinks along with alcohol in a day and they have ended up with some epic hangovers.

Enjoy the music and Las Vegas!

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Dodging Desert Dehydration with IV Therapy
Not surprisingly, Las Vegas was recently ranked as the most fun city in the United States. There are a multitude of things to do here – great shows, gaming, bars, clubs and restaurants. Unfortunately, there are also many ways to ruin your Vegas vacation….Though one hazard you might not be on guard for is dehydration, which is a significant cause of hangovers.
Jan 2, 2017
Understanding the Chemistry of Hangovers
Understanding the Chemistry of Hangovers
Too much fun with alcohol almost always leads to terrible discomfort the following day in the form of a “hangover.” With the nausea, weakness, headache and other pervasive hangover symptoms affecting you physically and mentally, it can be almost impossible to function
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4 Reason Why IV Hydration is Better Than Drinking Water When You’re Hungover
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How to Pack for Vegas
With airlines constantly jacking up their fees for checked luggage and carry-on baggage, it really pays to pack light. If you’re planning a trip to Vegas, there’s a lot you can safely leave at home and a few things you’ll definitely want to bring along.
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3 Vegas Hotels and their Amazing Bars
3 Vegas Hotels and their Amazing Bars
It’s not hard to find a drink in Vegas. From ubiquitous liquor stores to complementary watered-down offerings at every slot joint, Las Vegas is brimming with booze. But what if you’re looking for a little something more than weak well drinks and mass market beer? Here are three Las Vegas hotels that contain some amazingly good bars.
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Can Low-Alcohol Beverages Actually Provide Hydration?
Can Low-Alcohol Beverages Actually Provide Hydration?
As mentioned in several other Hangover Heaven blog posts, dehydration is one of the major causes of hangovers. Alcoholic beverages may be refreshing to your taste buds, yet they don’t provide the hydration your body needs and actually leach water from your system.
May 27, 2016
Working While Hungover
Working While Hungover
One thing that I believe is drastically underestimated is the effect of “Working While Hungover (WWH)” or “Driving While Hungover (DWH)” This is a much bigger problem than most people think.
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Cocaine and Hangovers
Cocaine and Hangovers
I recently watched the movie “Flight” with Denzel Washington. It was a very interesting movie, as many clients of Hangover Heaven have remarked that our treatment may reduce nationwide cocaine use.
Jul 16, 2015

Dehydration and Hangovers
Dehydration and hangovers – many people are under the impression that dehydration is the main problem with hangovers. Hangovers are caused by 4 issues.
May 21, 2015
The Verge covers Hangovers
The Verge covers Hangovers
The Verge recently published an excellent article on Hangovers. If you are not familiar with The Verge, it is a great website that meshes science and popular culture.
Mar 26, 2015

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Dr. Jason Burke is the founder of Hangover Heaven and the world's foremost Hangover Doctor! Dr. Burke had the idea for Hangover Heaven after recognizing that certain IV treatments administered in the recovery room could also be used to treat hangovers. When he's not four wheeling in his Jeep or hiking with his kids, he's educating others about hangover cures. Read more about Dr. Jason Burke.

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