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10% discount on IV services and Hangover supplements for Yelp users – Must book online

We are offering a 10% discount on our Hangover treatments, Myers’ Cocktails, and Hangover Prevention Supplements to Yelp Users. Please use the code yelp10 to get this great discount.  You must book online to get this discount.

This discount can be used for purchasing our IV hangover cures or our Myers Cocktail.

It can also be used for purchasing our hangover prevention nutritional supplement below.  It comes in both a single dose packet for $5.00 or a multi-dose bottle for $45.00.  Enter the code yelp10 during checkout to obtain your discount off these regular prices.

The discount must be used when booking online, it cannot be used for walk-ins and is not valid for house call fees.  For any questions, please call us at 702-749-3300.

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