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The Hangover Heaven Nightlife Prep supplements were developed by Dr. Jason Burke – the world’s leading Hangover Specialist – to help support your natural defenses and replenish your body’s supply of vitamins and antioxidants.

Free shipping in the continental USA and no tax outside Nevada.  We do not ship to any foreign country due to vitamin import laws.

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Hangover Cure through Prevention

Hangover Heaven Nightlife Prep Supplements are a physician and PhD formulated hangover prevention product developed  by Dr. Jason Burke – the world’s leading Hangover Specialist. They help support your natural defenses and replenish your body’s supply of vitamins and antioxidants.

Free shipping in the continental USA (lower 48 states) and no tax outside Nevada.  We do not ship to any foreign country due to vitamin import laws.


If so, then you are not alone. Hangovers get worse with age, especially over the age of 30.  We all enjoy having a few glasses of wine, but nobody likes the next morning. If you take our supplements you will have much less of a hangover the next morning.


These supplements contain ingredients that help your body deal with the breakdown products of alcohol, which cause hangovers.


Hangover Heaven Nightlife Prep is a physician and PhD formulated hangover prevention product designed to be taken before drinking to reduce hangover symptoms the next day. Our product contains high grade vitamins, antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories to help your body process alcohol and its byproducts. Premium ingredients, such as Meriva and Siliphos, are phospholipid bound versions that are much more expensive and effective.  and our supplements are based on what Dr. Burke has learned from these treatments


  • They come in multiple sizes – a 3 capsule foil packet, 12 count bottle, 42 count bottle and 90 count bottle
  • Take three capsules before drinking
  • Dosing depends on how much you plan to drink and the severity of your hangovers
  • We ship free via USPS – no tracking number

Order now with Free Shipping to the lower 48 states!  We do not ship to any foreign country due to vitamin import laws.

Dr. Burke has treated over 40,000 of hangovers and has appeared on many news segments, including the Today Show20-20Fox News, and The Associated Press.  He’s the only Hangover Doctor on the planet, and has cured more hangovers than any other physician in the world.  Hangover Heaven IV Hydration is the first medical practice dedicated to the treatment, prevention, and cure of hangovers.  With Hangover Heaven Nightlife Prep Supplements, you can significantly reduce your changes of having a hangover. Get years of experience and research right to your door!

48 reviews for Hangover Nightlife Prep Supplement

  1. MJ

    Actually worked! GD miracle. A bender in Vegas that lasted 16 hours with a disgusting amount of booze and I felt about 85% the next day….which is about 84% better than usual. Went out again two nights later and didn’t have these…. Drank significantly less and for less time, and woke up feeling like I got raped by death. These are worth it.

  2. hangoverheaven customer

    This product is hands down the BEST thing to make sure you an function the next morning after drinking!! Two parties, one night, lots of cocktails & shots. Felt like a million bucks in the morning!! A must try!!!!

  3. Taylor G.

    I have tried every “cure” in the book and none of them have worked as well as this one. I drank 10 beers last weekend and took these as I was starting my 1st beer. The pills are a little big but whatever. I woke up the next day feeling very normal when I would have otherwise felt like death. It’s not a cute but it sure does help!

  4. Kimberly Smith

    This hangover remedy worked like a charm. Usually after drinking, I experience nausea, vomitting, headaches, and just an all around tired feeling. I used this product before drinking and I did not experience any of these symptoms. So this does work. I noticed a significant difference after taking this product.

  5. Kelc

    Truly does work! I get the worst hangovers which has led me to not drinking, at all. But I went on vacation and figured I’d give these a try, they were great!!!

  6. Rachel Biesemeyer

    This stuff seriously is a lifesaver! I’m going to start off by saying I thought it was a joke at first. Taking a pill to prevent a hangover, come on let’s be real. But I’m now in my 30’s and drinking water to prevent a hangover just doesn’t cut it anymore. My friend swore by these pills so I figured I would take a chance and buy them. I’m so glad I did! I took the three pills an hour or so before I started drinking and then went out for my friends bachelorette party. As you can imagine, we drink a lot. I was the only one that woke up ready to hit the pool and start drinking again. It has to be these pills!!! They were worth every penny! I did the same process that night and woke up again feeling like a champ! Now all my friends are hooked. I highly recommend these! And not to mention I got a personal email from the maker Dr. Burke. It’s probably just automated but it made me feel special lol! I didn’t get these pills for free, I’m not a paid participant, this is my true honest opinion on this product.

  7. Scottie Boones aka MJ

    I’ve tried other hangover shots which never seemed to work until a friend tipped me about these pills. WOW. Night and day difference. These pills actually worked.
    Friday I had multiple tequila shots through the night, hammered. Slept for 5 hours. Then worked a 14 hour shift Saturday without missing a beat. I felt as if I had a great nights rest and forgot all about the amount I drank the previous night. Nobody even questioned me about my night/work performance not knowing the night before I partied like a rock star haha. It definitely saved my day.
    From here on out it’s “Hangover Heaven” for me every time I drink alcohol period. Being 41 it’s much harder for me to recover, until now.
    I actually just ordered the 42 pill bottle because I was so impressed I shared the rest with my friends.

  8. SaltLife4Me

    I was really a little skeptical when I purchased this product but I must say that usually I get a headache from even drinking two glasses of wine or champagne but when I took Hangover Heaven in advance of my glasses, I had no ill effects at all. I will definitely be purchasing more and telling my friends all about the benefits of it because I really enjoy a glass of wine on special occasions and I have finally found a product that will prevent the headaches that sometimes come with wine for me.

  9. Carlene

    I didn’t believe my friend when she told me about these, but she got me interested enough that I checked out the reviews and decided to give it a chance. The hype is all true. These were a miracle to have in Las Vegas this weekend, I was shocked by how good I felt Saturday morning after a night out of some serious tequila consumption. These are worth every single penny.

  10. hangoverheaven Customer

    I’ve used these supplements before after getting a treatment at Hangover Heaven. They gave me a free pack to try, and it was a wise investment on their behalf, because now I don’t want to drink without them! Highly recommend for the hangover-prone.

  11. Customer!

    I will not drink or take a shot without taking a pack of Hangover Heaven pills! Before I found out about these pills, I would suffer every morning with a hangover. BUT NOT ANYMORE! This product is the real deal!!!!

  12. Joshuwashuawah

    it really works, hangovers can really be the worst thing ever but this stuff actually makes a huge diff, big fan, I only wish they ran their van in more places!

  13. Kevin Malloy Jr.

    It definitely works…albeit too well if you’re a lightweight like my g/f and I. 3 of these pills actually prevented us from even getting a buzz, BUT we never felt any nasty hangover symptoms despite all the alcohol we mixed and drank all day and night. Just gotta mess around with the amount because it is going to be different for everyone. I repeat, this stuff works!!!

  14. Brittany F.

    Got these for my husband, this is what he had to say: “My buddy is an older guy who gets a hangover just from drinking a few beers. So we decided to try out these pills before a night of drinking. We woke up with no hangover, feeling amazing and refreshed, without that old dry alcohol taste in our mouths. I felt like I could go on a hike that morning without feeling dragged down from drinking. I can really feel the difference.”

  15. SLKAT3

    These actually help! Took them before going out with friends the other night. Got home way too late, and still felt fully functional when I had to get up 5 hours kater for work!

  16. hangoverheaven Customer

    At first I was unsure about this product. I decided to give it a try and I was pleased. I woke up the next morning feeling good. I was able to have a productive next day. Glad to finally find a product that works for hangovers.

  17. MissMagic

    Well I ordered the Highest Rated Hangover Prevention Supplement by Hangover Heaven and got them just on time to go out this past weekend and test them out. I took two pills before I went out on Saturday Night with friends and had a Grand Old Time. When I got home early Sunday Morning I took the other pill they suggest before I went to sleep. I didn’t get up until Noon on Sunday but I have to say, I felt pretty good. I wish I had discovered these pills years ago and will recommend them to anyone who has plans to go out “Boozing it Up”. The only problem I have now is I will be going out more and who is going to pay the bar tab?

  18. Angela Dean

    From the wide variety of reviews, I was unsure about the product. How can this be a miracle pill to cure hangovers I thought. I tried it and must say I was surprised. I felt much better than usual. My stomach was not nauseated. I was still tired and didn’t feel like doing much but no more so than a day without enough sleep. It’s worth buying and I’m sure the health benefits for offsetting the damage alcohol does is worth it too.

  19. AWhitt

    I took these before a night of drinking and woke up the next day feeling fine! I’ll be buying some for my sister and I before her Bachelorette party!

  20. A. Salazar

    It did the job for the most part, but leaves a weird after-taste and burping this stuff up, is not cool because you can taste it.

  21. Customer Customer

    These little packets are a lifesaver! My friends and I all took them before a night out to celebrate a birthday and the next day none of us felt hungover!! We all usually end up with horrible hangovers the day after we party. We did not experience the usual nausea, dizziness or tired feeling. I wish I knew about these years ago!

  22. Dee H

    I will say I am a pro at hangovers…..I get them…bad, always have and the older I get the worse they get. I have tried Hangover Heaven on several occasions and it works….every time! I have tried many other pills and drinks that claim to prevent/cure hangovers but none have ever worked. This works!

  23. Aaron galloway

    Me, my wife and some friends went to Mexico for a week. I took 3 pills before drinking and one after. I drank all day, 20+ drinks, woke up the next day and went for a run before it got to hot. None of us felt sick or hungover at all. I couldn’t believe this pills worked. Was skeptical at first but I will not drink without them.

  24. hangoverheaven Customer

    These little packages are miracle workers! Works EVERYTIME! I can’t even remember the last time I experienced a hangover, thanks to these amazing supplements.

  25. John T.

    They seemed to have worked! 4 people took them and all were fine the next day!

  26. Jennifer l. Klohn

    Love this

  27. Jen

    LOVE this product!!! It is a must have when going out and having drinks!
    Have told my friends and family about it and those that have tried it love it!!

  28. FCB


  29. Lance M Drinnen

    Awesome Hangover remedy!! Definitely give these a try if you’re looking for something to help with headache, nausea, vomiting or general malaise, after a session of heavy drinking. I have used activated charcoal in the past and that seemed to work well and I was skeptical to try a product that was all natural and mostly vitamins and herbs. This product totally works! You can drink beer (or other alcohol, I assume- I am a beer drinker) all night long and wake up feeling fine. You can take 3 pills the night before and if needed another 3 in the morning. The price is decent, considering how awful it feels to lay around unable to do anything the next day. Seems well worth it to me! Read some brides and grooms were giving these out as wedding favors. I think that is the best idea I have heard of yet! Would definitely recommend.

  30. Kleatball

    This product is AWESOME!! Started drinking at 3pm. Took a break at 7pm. Started back at 10:30pm until 2:30am. Woke up at 7am. Felt like a champ!!

  31. Orion The Hunter

    It most definitely works for me! I’ve tried them all and I can say this is the real deal. When taken exactly as directed, I didn’t have the slightest hangover. The next morning, I did feel a slight tinge of a hangover, so I took the three capsules and a Tylenol. It was amazing after that. I’m telling you, I ran and worked out the next day as if nothing had happened. If you go to the bathroom a lot, then you may need to replace electrolytes. I would suggest a recovery agent to bring back the electrolytes and you can either bloat yourself out with standard stuff like Gatorade, PowerAde, etc. or you can grab some RecoverORS or Oral IV Ultra Concentrate Hydration Fluid. The point is you may need to replace electrolytes. Just my opinion. I do think this stuff will stand alone for recovery without anything other than water. In a word, it is AMAZING!

  32. Josh Uranga

    Watched my cousin drink close to 30 beers with shots, he is 5’5 weighs about 160lbs. He took 3 pills before going out. The next day he was fine but tired no headache or vomiting which he said would of been a GUARANTEE if he did not take the supplement prior to his night out. We were in Vegas for my bachelor party. Highly recommend this to ANYONE who wants to avoid a hangover, make sure to eat with the pills and get some water in you prior to drinking. You will wake up the next day asking yourself “Did i drink last night?”.

  33. Josh Uranga

    Watched my cousin drink close to 30 beers with shots, he is 5’5 weighs about 160lbs. He took 3 pills before going out. The next day he was fine but tired no headache or vomiting which he said would of been a GUARANTEE if he did not take the supplement prior to his night out. We were in Vegas for my bachelor party. Highly recommend this to ANYONE who wants to avoid a hangover, make sure to eat with the pills and get some water in you prior to drinking. You will wake up the next day asking yourself “Did i drink last night?”.

  34. rakita foster

    I luck up and received my pills before leaving out. I went out to celebrate Father’s Day and before I started drinking I took the Hangover pills because usually I will get a bad headache. When I woke up I was ok so I can say that the pills did work.

  35. Kourtney Dechert

    This product is the real deal! I’ve tried a few of these so called “hangover cures” and this one actually works! Wont be leaving home without it from now on!

  36. Lori Rovinsky

    After hearing about Hangover Heaven from my dance instructor, I decided to give these a try for my wedding. We had a 3 day affair in Palm Springs, and I wanted to have fun but not be hungover. I took a packet each day prior to drinking. The first 2 mornings, I woke up with no issues. I even had lots of energy. The 3rd morning (day after the wedding), I was a little hungover, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it should have been. I mostly just had some GI issues (totally normal for me after having any kind of alcohol). By noon, despite being tired, my hangover was resolved. (FYI – my hangovers can last throughout the day).

    As others experienced, it was a little harder to catch a buzz… But that was okay. As the bride, I needed to stay coherent.. So in my opinion, this was a good thing!

    I highly recommend this product and will be using it again when needed! I’ve got a girls trip planned for the end of July and will be sure to put it to the test!

  37. James Wood

    Works exactly as described. Could not ask for a better working product. Works the first time and every time!! My 3rd bottle and am still hangover free!! THANKS!!!!

  38. Customer

    I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without these pills! Thank you Hangover Heaven for creating a great product that really works.

  39. Kevin Evans

    Took the pills as instructed both before going out and after inext addition to the morning after and the usual hangover feeling weren’t totally erased but they were far less than usual. Pleasant surprise.

  40. vlozzi2000

    Great product! I even got a flow up email from the company asking if I had any questions and they responded quickly. Good investment all around!

  41. Customer

    I was surprised that these actual worked. A definite must try if your planning on partying hard for a night.

  42. Customer

    Wish I knew about this earlier. This is a great product. Perfect for little gift and it actually really works well.

  43. Customer

    Love it. I tend to have an unforgiving liver and not feel well the next day, regardless of the amount of alcohol I drink. HH definitely took the edge off the next morning and allowed me to feel better.

  44. 1stTimeMommy

    worked as advertised, very easy to take.

  45. Kirk R.


  46. Jennifer Alexander

    My husband and I went to CA for his best friend’s wedding. We are normally not big drinkers at all. However, I knew that I would be enjoying more than a few glasses of champagne and wine, along with some beer. When used as directed, they worked as a charm for me! Would definitely give this a try. No weird aftertaste or side effects, however I wish there were more pills included for future use.

  47. Amy Clark

    I didn’t go into this expecting a miracle since they are “just vitamins” but I was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t completely take my hangover away but definitely help alleviate some of the symptoms and I was at least functional. Definitely will try again.

  48. Sue P

    works very well and easy to take. I was skeptical when I ordered this, but thought I would try and was pleasantly surprised that it worked so well. No hangover or headache or feeling horrible the next day. You do need to take this for the best results prior to drinking. I would have thought it opposite, so if you know you are going to indulge, then you can do a little preventive work ahead of time. They also work best if taken with food. These are dietary supplements so there is no nasty taste or smell of having to use a product that you might typically have to drink. I would recommend for purchase. You might want to start small with the single serving, and if it works well for you then you can purchase a larger amount the second time around. It worked for me, and I was pleased with the results.

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