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Hangover Heaven Hosting Partners

We are growing the number of Hangover Heaven Hosting Partners as time goes by.   VIP hosting companies are excellent ways to make sure you have a great time in Las Vegas!

Hosting – Imagine Las Vegas

Imagine Las Vegas is dedicated to taking your experience to the next level.  Started by long-time Las Vegas resident, Trehy Sostillio, Imagine Las Vegas is one of Las Vegas’ premiere hosting companies.Contact them at 702-748-7937.

“If you Imagine it, we will arrange it.”


There’s nothing like a good deal, especially when it comes to getting the VIP experience in Las Vegas. But what if you had something better than the good deal you thought you found?

That’s the case for many who find special offers on their own in Las Vegas without the help of a professional VIP host.  Just like you should not try to be your own doctor and look up fever symptoms and diagnose someone’s health off a website, you shouldn’t do the professional’s job in scoring you the best deals in Las Vegas.

To sum it all up, a good VIP host can get you a better experience for the same price or lower than you see on most websites for the clubs.  So don’t fall for the short end when our host can get you so much more. After all, it’s your Vegas vacation and you deserve all the fun you can handle!

Bottle service is one of the main ways to have the best experience at a Las Vegas dayclub or nightclub.   One might think it is expensive to spend $700 on a bottle of vodka, but the math actually pencils out.  In the end, you will end up spending about $10 a drink more with bottle service, but you will have a place to sit and a dedicated hot waitress.  Plus, you will look like a baller in the VIP section.

To fully complete your “baller image,” consider prebooking an IV treatment while in Las Vegas.   If you are planning on hitting a nightclub on Friday and a dayclub on Saturday, an IV treatment will likely make your weekend much better!

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