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If you have a truly “Epic” hangover, then this package was designed for you. This is our flagship treatment and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. It includes:

1. IV hydration fluid (1000 ml)
2. IV Vitamins and Antioxidants
3. IV Headache Medicine
4. IV Nausea Medicine
5. Anti-heartburn Medicine
6. B-12 Shot
7. 20 minutes of oxygen

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Dr. Burke’s Salvation IV Hangover Cure $199

The Salvation treatment is the gold standard in hangover cures, and everything you need to get back to your Vegas vacation. For serious hangovers, one needs IV glutathione, IV nausea medicine, IV headache medicine, and IV hydration to fully treat a Vegas-level hangover. Our treatments include more medications at a lower price than our competitors, as we have since 2012.

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Are you hungover to the point of no return? Barely able to open your eyes or speak for that matter? If that’s the case, try out our Eternity package. It includes:

1. One liter of IV hydration (1250 ml)
2. IV Vitamins and Antioxidants
3. IV Taurine
4. Anti-heartburn Medicine
5. IV Headache Medication
6. IV Nausea Medication
7. Super B shot (similar to a B12 shot, but five times better)
8. 20 minutes of oxygen

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We have used IV therapy to treat tens of thousands of tourists for hangovers in Las Vegas. Dr. Burke and his team are experts at IV hangover cures IV Vitamin therapy, and IV hydration. We have basic IV packages for mild, nuisance hangovers, and premium hangover cure packages for severe hangovers.

We can treat you at our Las Vegas IV Hangover Clinic near Trump Tower, or we can come to you and treat your hangover in your hotel room.  Our clinic is also a short Uber from the Las Vegas Strip.

We strongly encourage you to pre-book your appointment, as treatment slots for IV therapy can be limited on the weekends. Our typical intravenous hydration or hangover treatments take 35 to 40 minutes. Use our convenient online booking system to reserve your spot today!

Sooo great.. from customer service up to the treatment. Doctor was very knowledgeable and they checked up on me periodically. Feeling refreshed.. thank you!

– Amber C

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