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Hangover Cure Treatment Options


Lounge in the comfort of your hotel room while we bring your IV hangover cure to you. The $100 House Call Fee can be split among all being treated.


Our IV Hangover Cure Clinic is on Highland Drive, minutes from the Vegas strip. Enjoy plush recliners, flat screens, and hangover-relieving IV fluids.


Featured on GQ magazine, USA Today, and more, the Hangover Heaven Bus is complete with kitchenette, private consultation room, four private bunks, and a private lounge. Accommodates 10-14 people.

Hangover Cures & IV Hydration: How It Works

Don’t let a hangover wreck your Vegas trip! Hangover Heaven is the only medical practice in Las Vegas (and the entire world) that is dedicated to hangover cures, hangover prevention, and hangover research.

We recommend booking ahead of time, especially on the weekends, so that your spot is reserved in advance. Enjoy your trip to Las Vegas with the peace of mind knowing that your hangover cure will be waiting for you the next morning.

Need treatment now? Call Hangover Heaven for your hangover cure today.

Choose Your Hangover Cure

Hangover Cure for MILD Hangovers


Feeling fuzzy, dehydrated and a bit off balance? Do you have a headache or nausea with your mild hangover?  Then Redemption 3.0  is the package for you.  It can be completed in 35 minutes and includes:


  • 750ml of IV hydration
  • Intravenous B and C vitamins
  • Intravenous electrolytes
  • Your choice of IV nausea medicine or IV headache medicine
  • Intravenous glutathione

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Hangover Cure for MAJOR Hangovers


Do you have a major hangover with nausea, headache, dizziness, and that “curl up and die feeling?”  If so, you should consider this package.  It is our most popular package.  Approximately 50% of our clients choose this package.  It takes about 35 to 40 minutes and includes:


  • 750ml of hydration
  • IV Nausea Medicine
  • IV Headache Medicine
  • IV Vitamins and Antioxidants
  • IV Anti-heartburn medicine
  • Intravenous electrolytes
  • Antioxidant and vitamin pills to go

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Hangover Cure for EPIC Hangovers


If you have a truly “Epic” hangover, then this package was designed for you.  This is our flagship package and takes approximately 35 to 40 minutes to complete.  It includes:


  • One liter of IV hydration
  • IV Nausea Medicine
  • IV Headache Medicine
  • IV Vitamins and Antioxidants
  • IV Anti-heartburn medicine
  • Intravenous electrolytes
  • 30 minutes of oxygen
  • Super B shot (similar to a B12 shot, but five times better.)
  • New! Potent mix of Amino Acids to combat inflammation and fatigue
  • Antioxidant and vitamin pills to go

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Complete Hangover Cure

A complete IV Hangover cure should include IV hydration, IV antioxidants, IV anti-nausea medicine, and IV anti-inflammatories. For a Las Vegas level hangover, all of these components are necessary.


Scientific research clearly shows that hangovers are caused by oxidative stress and inflammation. Dehydration is a distant third cause, which is why we prescribe more than just a bag of saline to our clients.


Our hangover cures do involve a small, pediatric IV, but they are extremely effective. We do use numbing medicine on your skin and the whole process is virtually painless.

Hangover Cure Industry Founders

Dr. Burke is a Duke University trained anesthesiologist who has dedicated his career to ending hangovers. He is the founder of the hangover cure industry and he is the only hangover specialist in the entire medical field.


If you are considering any of the other IV therapy companies in Las Vegas, ask them who their physician is and what they bring to the table. From what can be obtained online, most other companies do not have an actual doctor who will list their name online.

IV Hydration Experts

We treat more hangovers than any other IV therapy company in the world. At Hangover Heaven, a Nurse Practitioner, PA, or Doctor prescribes your treatment so we are able to give you any IV medications you require to feel better fast.


We have cured thousands of hangovers in Las Vegas with our IV hangover treatments. Dr. Burke and his team are experts at hangover cures and IV hydration.

Hangover Cures Vary

Hangover cures vary from person to person depending on their age, sex, and race. We have some people that we give 500ml of fluid and one dose of zofran and they are skipping out the door.  Other people require over 3 liters of fluid and multiple doses of medications. One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to Vegas level hangovers!

I heard about Hangover Heaven this morning. I was laying in bed feeling like crap. I gave them a call – here I am and so far, so good. I’m already feeling a little better. I needed the treatment because I’m getting married at 3:00 and I feel horrible and I need to be there. I need to show up.


– Chaudice, CA

I’d seen the video on the Today show and as we were planning for my brother’s wedding, as the best man I thought this is exactly what we need and we thought the concept was brilliant. They made it really easy. They came and picked us up right at the door and we jumped on the bus. We’re a total of 8 and they made it very simple. Within 15 minutes everybody was rollin. It’s a beautiful bus. The nausea has gone away quickly and that seemed to have gone away almost instantly.

– Best Man from Indianapolis

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