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Hangover Heaven, the Las Vegas IV hangover cure.  Visit our clinic or be treated in your hotel room for IV hydration and vitamin therapy.  As seen on CNN, Fox News, and The Today Show.

The Verge covers Hangovers

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The Verge covers Hangovers

Jason Burke

The Verge recently published an excellent article on Hangovers.  If you are not familiar with The Verge, it is a great website that meshes science and popular culture.  Many stories have been done on hangovers and IV hangover cures, but this is the first article to really take a hard look at the science behind hangovers.

I have been pretty surprised at the number of comments in the article, especially since it has been 3 years since we launched.  There was quite a bit of controversy about treating hangovers since we launched, such as "does it work" and "should a hangover be treated."

I think that after over 20,000 clients, it is pretty clear that IV hangover cures work.  We have many repeat clients, both in the same trip and on separate trips.

The ethical concern in my view is easy.  Hangovers are a legitimate medical condition.  Many of these people are truly miserable.  The inflammation has been documented in a number of studies.  The commenter, "doormarkedpirate" sums it up best that people are going to drink alcohol no matter what.  Prohibition showed us that humans are going to drink alcohol no matter what.  Other societies have banned alcohol and humans turn to other substances to decrease stress and have a good time.  Unfortunately, sometimes people drink too much, or they have physiology that results in hangovers no matter how much they drink.

I agree that the best solution is to try and prevent hangovers.  We have hangover prevention products for sale, as do other companies.  It is much easier to prevent hangovers than to try and deal with them after the fact.  I should know....

But, as "doormarkedpirate" remarked, people do all sorts of activities that are dangerous.  If doctors did not exist, do you still think we would have the "X Games?"  I would imagine that it would have never happened.  Nobody would cut a 60 foot jump on a skateboard if they thought they would have to live the rest of their life with a mangled leg because there was nobody around to fix it.  Humans make suboptimal decisions all the time that lead to need medical care, whether it be consuming too much alcohol, texting while driving, or overeating.