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Hangover Heaven, the Las Vegas IV hangover cure.  Visit our clinic or be treated in your hotel room for IV hydration and vitamin therapy.  As seen on CNN, Fox News, and The Today Show.

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Hangovers and the Electric Daisy Carnival

Jason Burke

The Electric Daisy Carnival is coming to Las Vegas this weekend and Hangover Heaven is ready. Temperatures are going to be over 100 degrees and hangovers are going to be more prevalent than ever here in Las Vegas. Hangovers are made worse by anything that dehydrates a person, which includes many different activities associated with the EDC.We will have both our clinic and bus open this coming weekend to accommodate demand. We have a number of reservations already, so please call ahead to reserve your spot so you can get back to your vacation

Keep in mind that you need to stay hydrated while you are having a good time at EDC. People have had issues with high body temperatures from dancing and other activities at events like the EDC. If you start to feel fuzzy, have severe headaches, or feel faint, you should try to drink some water and think about calling for help. Be careful when mixing recreational substances and lots of energy drinks. Energy drinks dehydrate a person and can elevate body temperature. One ot two energy drinks a day is fine, but I have seen people drinking 8 to 10 energy drinks along with alcohol in a day and they have ended up with some epic hangovers.

Enjoy the music and Las Vegas!

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