VIP Service

For the discerning client, we offer discreet VIP Room Service. You will be personally attended to by Dr. Burke and his assistants. They will bring all the necessary equipment to your room and treat you in a private setting. We even have a “cover name” for our business, so even the front desk staff will not know who is coming to your room. VIP room service takes approximately one hour for one client. Each additional client adds about ten minutes to the total treatment time. We can usually treat four clients in about 90 minutes.

In room therapy hangover heaven

We also rent our bus out for special events. If you have a big group and wish to have the Hangover Heaven Bus at your event, we can make that happen. We provide:

Medical Staff
All medications and supplies
Movies and Wi-fi

The cost for renting the Hangover Heaven Bus starts at $1500 per hour. We can generally administer 8 to 10 IV treatments per hour. We also have non-IV treatments, such as oxygen, oral hydration fluid, and anti-nausea pills for those in your party who do not wish to have an IV. There is a two hour minimum.

Please contact us if you are interested in reserving the Hangover Heaven Bus for your special event.