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We have treated  thousands of clients with our hangover cures.  Dr. Burke and his team are experts at hangover cures and IV hydration.  We have … Learn More

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Hangover Cure through Prevention The Hangover Heaven supplements were developed by Dr. Jason Burke - the world’s leading Hangover Specialist - to … Learn More

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The Hangover Heaven® treatments developed by Dr. Jason Burke are based on his own research and real-life experience in treating patients during and … Read More

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Sprite and Hangovers –

I was asked about a new study that suggests Sprite may be the best new cure for hangovers. Upon reading a few of the news articles, it seems that … Read More


Dehydration and Hangovers

So, I pulled into the valet at one of the casinos the other day for a meeting.  The valet immediately started going into the fact that the services … Read More


Hangover Heaven featured on MSNBC

This morning, Hangover Heaven was featured on the MSNBC show, "Your Business."  Hangover Heaven is a unique business with a unique mission.  You can … Read More


Energy Drinks and Bad Hangovers

Energy drinks and shots have received a significant amount of attention in the press recently.  Reports have linked them to numerous deaths and … Read More

Asparagus for Hangovers....Myth

Asparagus – Hangover Cure or

Recently, there has been quite a bit of press coverage about the possibility of asparagus being a cure for hangovers.  On first glance, I was rather … Read More